• I am a hunter.
  • For unique people and their stories.
  • For hidden corners of nature.
  • For emotions in 30’’ advertising stories.
  • For that social spark that’s in all of us.
  • For craftsmen of trade and of soul.
  • I am an explorer.
  • I travel wherever my imagination takes me.
  • And with each path a new story reveals under my camera.
  • I am a selfish altruist.
  • I do believe in a better world.
  • And I’m using my eyes to open the world’s eyes to a kinder self.
  • Behold my recent work and explore alongside me a myriad of stories.

I must point out that I have been fortunate enough to work with these clients: Western Union UK, McGarry Bowen UK, Comission Content New York, Gyllensvaans Moebler (oldest IKEA producer in Sweden), ECOLOR (IKEA producer) Mercedes-Benz, SAB Miller, Zeit Online, Universal Music, Freunde von Freunden, Ignant, Interview Magazine, GolinHarris Company, EuroGSM, Maximilian, DeepCentral, Vescan, Bastattoo.


  • The most viewed music video in 2011: Maximilian – Sophie (14 milion views).
  • Nominated for Best Music Video at Romanian Music Awards in 2012.
  • The music videos produced have a cumulate number of views around 30 million views.
  • The most popular photograph at Photo Romania Festival 2013.
  • “The Spoonmaker-Mark Tudose” became viral after being launched on Zeit Online.
  • “Cluj Aerial View” became viral after it’s first day online, gathering over 100.000 views in one day.
  • My documentaries were published in worldwide magazines such as Zeit Online, FVF, Ignant, PortableTV, Interview Magazine, Gestalten, and many more.
  • The documentary named “The figurative ceramist-Dan Les” became viral after just one day online. It gathered 200.000 views in 3 days and was published by The Atlantic in the USA, Freunde von Freunden in Germany and on the first page of Vimeo.

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